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Our Hidden Landscapes - Stone Prayers Demystified

This groundbreaking volume brings ethical archaeology into focus. Edited by professor emerita, Dr. Lucianne Lavin, and Elaine Thomas of Mohegan Nation, this book takes in research from the entire reagion. Our Hidden Landscapes: Indigenous Stone Ceremonial Sites in Eastern North America leads with Indigenous expertise. The leading three chapters are each composed by Native American cultural experts who work in archaeology and cultural preservation: Doug Harris, Elaine Thomas and Nohham Cachat-Schilling. The book is based on extensive field research and contextualized through Indigenous narratives along with Indigenous ceremonial traditions.

Other chapters include longtime researchers such as Jannie Loubser, Fred Martin, Norman Muller, Paul Robinson, James Gage and Mary Gage. See our earlier report on stone prayers by James Gage at: Archaeologists Laurie Rush, who works closely with Rotinons'honni (Mohawk) in upstate New York, Matthew Weiss, and Charity Moore each address ceremonial stone works from different aspects. A number of specific case studies are included under other chapters by several more researchers.

The chapters present overwhelming evidence in the form of oral tradition, historic documentation, ethnographies, and archaeological research that these important sites created and used by Indigenous peoples are deserving of protection.

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About the Editors -

LUCIANNE LAVIN is an archaeologist, a director emeritus of research and collections at the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum in Connecticut, and the author of Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples.

ELAINE THOMAS is a Mohegan tribal member and has worked in the Mohegan Tribal Government for twenty-two years. She works with tribal nations in identifying and preserving ceremonial stone landscapes.

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