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Ethical Archaeology Has Its Own Blog

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Announcing a new space for news, images and discussion around wisdom-based archaeology, rooted in justice and human rights. It's time for archaeology to meet the 21st century and become a science not of destruction and acquisition, but one of preservation and resolution. For too long, we have assumed the right to demolish what we have inherited in and on the land from our Ancestors. In demolishing any ancient site, we are also robbing future generations of their inheritance. From where do we obtain rights to destroy what others have placed with intention, or to erase legacy from the eyes of future generations? The argument has been that we are retrieving data for future use. But, the big admission is that archaeology destroys, and its history is 100% regrets. That's because all past archaeology is crudely destructive and wasteful of potential learning compared to today's archaeology and that of the future. The future of archaeology is in remote sensing technology, and the best actions we can take today are 1. to suspend digs while we wait for 2. improved technology that will enable us to detect and describe without destroying.

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