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Black History (and Archaeology) in Massachusetts -More than a Month

African-American slaves contributed to our freedom from Colonial oppression. Through all the phases of enslavement and emancipation, African-Americans can be found living between worlds and on the margins. These communities have a story in common to tell.

Read about the New Guinea community in Plymouth, also known as Parting Ways, their heroism, and the footprint of Yoruba culture that may be reflected in the spaces they built:


New Guinea isn't the only such place in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, not many are preserved and visible. Read also about the Lucy Foster home and archaeological project in Andover, Massachusetts, the Charles Hoose home and The Gulf, an African-American community of history in Dalton, Massachusetts at the "Today in MA" page.

To come: "Saxon Woods in Westchester, New York - Legacy of Racial History Meets Gentrification and Hits Home


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